How do you choose a good architect

In a world where do it yourself hacks and creations rule, you have to know when you cannot go about something alone. Sometimes when you want something to be done right on the first try, you need a professional. This is especially the case when looking to renovate, remodel or build your home or business space. However, how does one go about finding the right architect for the job? We put together a simple to-do-list you can use to ensure you take the proper steps to find a good architect for the job.

  1. Identify what you want to be done

Mapping out what you would like done will help your search a lot. Many people go out looking for an architect or architecture firm with the sole idea of them wanting something done, yet they do not know precisely what. Even if your vision is not 100% complete, having something in mind is great to share with prospective candidates. It allows the candidates a chance for them to assess if they can perform what you want to be done. You do not want to find out that the candidate you hired cannot design a skylight roof after you finally decide you want one.

  1. Look up renowned architects

Start your quest by looking up renowned architects. Some people narrow down their search to architects near them. They do this to make sure travel plans will not interrupt set project start and completion dates. Unfortunately, when you limit your option in this way, you risk missing out on an architect that thoroughly fits the expertise you are looking for. We suggest having a roughly estimated date of when you want your project to start and end; this way, you can compare your expectations and needs with the readiness and pace of all prospective architects.

  1. Call all references

We cannot stress enough on the importance of calling and checking all references. If dealing with an architect associated with a firm, ask for literature showcasing qualifications, experiences and illustrations of past and pending projects. Typically, if the firm is interested in undertaking your project, they will provide a very thorough portfolio of their work. Upon receiving this, make sure you go through it well to assess their style and vision. Look for projects that are similar to what you have in mind; this way, when you speak to the firms again, you have a reference that will make explaining what you want much easier.

  1. Asses if they understand you

Assessing whether they understand you boils down to talking chemistry. Do you click with the architect? This is vital to guarantee no miscommunication occurs. It would be your worst nightmare if you asked for a high ceiling, but they thought you emphasised wanting a low ceiling.