Architectural art

Everything that we see around us is a form of art. Natural sources of art include the creations of our Divine Creator, while man-made art is the product of one’s skill and imagination. Every masterpiece is a reflection of the artist’s thoughts and emotions, which is made possible through a medium and converted into a real output in any form or structure.

Architectural art is considered an expression or application of human creative skill and imagination typically in designing and building an edifice. It also incorporates simple or complex designs that will, of course, be dependent according to the style and taste of the owner.

There have been casual debates claiming that architecture and art are two separate disciplines and therefore, it’s impossible to combine them together. To clarify doubts and uncertainties, this article would lay down examples with explanations why the given title is proper and legitimate.

A living witness and concrete evidence of multiple talents

The faithful and the believers of God around the globe were amazed at how the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was made possible through Michelangelo’s fresco painting portraying almost anything written in The Bible. The masterpiece was produced from 1508 to 1512 and accordingly, the architects who built the edifice were Baccio Pontelli and Giovannino de Dolci.

Up to this day, the chapel still stands with the painting still intact.

The use of different hues and colours

Elegant high rise buildings will probably look dull on its interior without the application of several or multiple coatings of paint. In this setting, architectural art could be defined as the integration of raw materials into structures for purposes of exposing and enhancing human talent.

In addition, colours have a lot of meaning or interpretation; thus, it requires viewers to criticise or scrutinise different themes and concepts, given a set of criteria or standards. The manner of appreciating or turning down any job done by human hands is a manifestation that art is constantly present or dominant in our lives.

Architectural art is incorporating masterpiece with different structures

Nobody will say anything negative if the walls surrounding your house are different murals depicting history, culture and tradition. Going inside your abode’s exterior partitions stands various forms of paintings depicting life and nature. It is truly possible to establish harmony among an architect, an artist, and a designer, because combining their natural talent will genuinely make a difference, not only in their lives, but on others as well.

Architectural art is a point of convergence among people

When the owner of an elegant house or a high-rise condominium has a great love for art, there will be a lot of masterpiece surrounding his investment. The structures that they consider their home will also be a venue for a lot of occasions that will showcase everything for the eyes of the honoured guests only. The events are repeated over and over again, along with different faces coming from different family backgrounds and social standing.