Get a Top Notch Education in Architecture From These Elite Australian Schools

With iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance and Perth’s Council House, it should come as no surprise that Australia is home to some elite programs for moulding future architects. In a recent ranking of the top 100 architecture programs in the world, Oz was home to a whopping nine schools. Even more impressively, five of these ranked in the top 50, with all of them earning the designation multiple years in a row.

University of Queensland

Coming in at #50 in the most recent rankings, the program at the University of Queensland prides itself on a progressive approach to architecture that focuses on social responsibility and ethical, sustainable design. This eye on cutting edge design has earned the program an elite reputation.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

More commonly referred to as RMIT University, this Melbourne school nabbed the 26th spot for architecture programs around the world. With a focus on incredible design, RMIT is paving the way in both research and practical fields. With programs ranging from undergraduate to PhD and vocational postgraduate options, RMIT has plenty of options for any type of aspiring architects.

University of New South Wales

Ranked at the 23rd spot worldwide, the Built Environment was one of the founding departments at the university. With a determined focus on large-scale city planning, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) program takes its name from the concept of city planning as building a living environment instead of just focusing on individual buildings. With the urban sprawl happening across the world, this area of study can be exceptionally valuable for future architects.

University of Melbourne

Holding the 21st spot globally, the University of Melbourne focuses on a comprehensive approach to the education of architects. Starting with a foundation (pun not intended!) of history, theory, and modern technology, the program at the school offers one of the broadest studios approaches for budding architects. Coupling this with an advanced fabrication studio, the program offers students the opportunity to explore new and sustainable materials hands-on, cementing its spot as one of the best programs in the world.

University of Sydney

Earning the top spot in Australia and the sixteenth spot around the world, the University of Sydney boasts one of the world’s truly elite architecture programs. Among their many claims to fame, the program showcases a world first and cutting edge monitoring system that focuses on improving indoor climate, embracing the fact that architecture can impact energy consumption, public wellbeing, all while being extremely comfortable.

These top five programs are the finest Australia has to offer. However, more than that, they are also some of the elite programs anywhere in the world.