Yellow Ribbon contest rallies Pittsburgh staff to support troops far from home

March 11, 2013 - CH2M HILL's Pittsburgh office held a spirited Yellow Ribbon contest that drew more than 30 staff into a competition to see who could collect more items for care packages shipped to our troops in Afghanistan. 

The team representing the U.S. Air Force edged out the other four teams competing in Pittsburgh's Yellow Ribbon contest to support the troops.

Five teams were formed representing the five branches of the U.S. military – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.  Hundreds of pounds of donated items later, the Pittsburgh team representing the Air Force had collected the most.

The competition was inspired by the Yellow Ribbon Girls, a western Pennsylvania organization that started with a single soldier's request for needed items on a combat deployment back in 2003. 

Since then the Yellow Ribbon Girls have shipped more than 33,000 care packages to soldiers far from home including such "Most Needed Items" as batteries, energy/granola bars, jerky, ramen noodles, powdered drink mix, packs of crackers and battery-powered fans.

Some 75 boxes a month go to troops stationed in Afganistan, where the packages are often parachuted in to remote bases. 

Says I&AT Design Manager Bob Boyd/PGH, "It is so great to have the opportunity to help the troops who are sacrificing for us every day in such a far away land."

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