Sustainability expert publishes article presenting approaches for greening of semiconductor industry

June 12, 2013 - IDC Architects sustainability expert Ozzie Gonzalez recently published an article in Chip Scale Review magazine with recommendations for improving sustainability among semiconductor manufacturers. The article's titled "Market Forces Drive the Greening of Our Industry and Foster Innovation."

"It takes a lot of water, energy, minerals, chemicals, and human ingenuity to make semiconductors," writes Ozzie. "According to a 2010 survey including 44 different facilities from 18 of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, wafer starts consume, on average, approximately 1.7kWh of electricity, 4.3 gallons of water, and generate 0.06 pounds of waste for every cm2 of wafer output from the fabrication plants.

"When you consider that 25.7 million square inches of silicon per day are projected to be produced in 2013, it is easy to imagine the immensity of this impact worldwide. For semiconductor manufacturing companies, securing a steady supply of high-quality, well-priced, natural resources is more than good business policy -- it is part and parcel of a responsible environmental policy."

"Begin defining your key performance indicators and creating a monitoring plan to measure them…Benchmarking your operations against another like facility (whether inside your company or industry-wide) is a first step toward finding the greatest opportunities for improvements. By taking these initial steps of setting goals, tracking progress, and comparing against others, you will be well on your way toward improving your triple bottom line (Economy, Environment, and Society) and bringing about positive change for the industry."

Here's a link to Ozzie's article in Chip Scale Review magazine (article begins page 42).

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