IDC Architects named "Innovator of the Month" by

IDC Architects was selected as "Innovator of the Month" by, a sustainable design news outlet that uses this monthly feature to focus on companies considered green building innovators.

The team representing the U.S. Air Force edged out the other four teams competing in Pittsburgh's Yellow Ribbon contest to support the troops.

In its article titled "IDC Architects' Secret Sauce? The Melding of Architects and Engineers," interviews IDC Architects VP & Global Director of Sustainable Solutions Jeff Cross/PDX.

The interview covers new developments in the design of green data centers, renewable energy parks and repurposing of aging buildings.

"This green repurposing mindset of commercial spaces makes them a great candidate for this month's new Innovator of the Month pick," explains the editor of

The article begins by noting that IDC Architects has carved an "interesting niche" excelling in such advanced technology markets as labs, advanced technology manufacturing, data centers and high-tech office and research facilities. Jeff describes the "secret sauce" as the practice of architects, engineers and constructors working side by side every day.

"It's a 'secret sauce' that's proven its worth many times over by helping us solve a lot of complex challenges that we don't think clients could have solved any other way," says Jeff. "We also have this heritage of pushing the envelope – we're viewed as a company that doesn't just design and build good buildings, but also a company that can solve some fairly formidable problems that companies run into."

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