CH2M HILL offices bring benefits to multiple communities in many ways

January 9, 2013 - 2012 turned out to be a generous season of giving for CH2M HILL employees in many offices. Here's a sampling of activities reported from a few of our U.S. offices.

From Pheonix:

We adopted three families from the Salvation Army Adopt-A-Family program.  We also adopted one family from an organization called Family Promise, an organization that helps families who have a family member with a long-term or terminal illness (the PHX office took donations for this family). 

We also donated to the Child Crisis Nursery which cares for homeless and neglected children, donated money for books to the Concordia School which is a charter school in Mesa, and donated to a Hamilton High School club called Vivid that is involved in community activities.  For example, they used donated funds to take a group of foster children to a children's play center here in Arizona. 

We also donated to Arizona Children's Association for the emergency foster program after one of our employees told us a story about a child who was placed in emergency foster care with only a teddy bear and some necessities.  Next year hopefully our list of contributions will also show some donations to animal shelters.

From Cincinatti:

Seventeen members of the CIN and CVG offices visited the Freestore Foodbank warehouse on 11/12/12 and after a most interesting and surprising tour, were able to:

Thanks to all who participated, we had a very successful United Way of Greater Cincinnati fundraising campaign for 2012.  CH2M HILL's participation in and support of a cause that directly impacts our community is something of which we are very proud (see attached graphic for United Way fundraising results).

A special thank-you goes to Sonja Barnes for bravely taking on the role of CVG campaign leader and for organizing the very successful iPad raffle.  Thanks also to the group participating in the Freestore Foodbank tour, the CVG group that participated in the GE Softball Tournament, those who contributed to the food drive and to Michelle Stradford for amping up the corporate gift this year.

A Volunteer Recognition Luncheon held 12/7/12 recognized volunteer efforts of the CIN office (91 out of approx. 250 employees). The lunch was provided by Cincinnati Cooks Catering, which is part of the Freestore Foodbank initiative to educate and provide working opportunities for people who wish to enter the food service industry.  Thanks to everyone for their generous donations to the Free Store Food Bank and for making our "toiletries" drive a success.  We estimate that we have collected 700-800 full-sized items and would have never guessed that we would collect anywhere near that number of items.

Through St. Vincent de Paul, we adopted 5 families (4 for CIN and 1 for CVG) providing needed items for families in need.  Items included gloves, coats, toys for children, socks, etc.  CH2M HILL also contributed $200.00 per family in Kroger gift certificates to provide food for the adopted families.

From Pittsburgh:

We are having a competition in the office to bring in supplies for the troops in Afghanistan.  We are working with an organization called the Yellow Ribbon Girls (  Their website lists items that are needed.  We have divided the office into five teams.  The teams are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. 

We have been accepting contributions of the listed items, in addition to cash donations to help the organization with shipping.  We had one of our employees in Afghanistan a few years back who told us how important these packages are for the troops.  The contest runs through February with a catered lunch brought in for the winning team. 

From Portland:

The Portland office has supported nearly 40 community groups throughout the year.
Our "Season of Giving" included a Community Giving and Year-End Celebration held at the Community Warehouse, an organization that collects donated furniture, kitchenware and basic household items for Portland families in need.  CH2M HILL donated a rental fee to Community Warehouse, and additional matching donations to Community Warehouse made through a local newspaper Give!Guide program.  In the weeks prior to the celebration, Community Warehouse barrels were placed in the kitchens on each floor in the PDX office and at Oregon's Ronler Acres project site to collect donated items. 

Other year-end activities included a coat drive for Foster Closet, Inc. which supplies clothing and other items free of charge to children in foster care; a Giving Tree for Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA), a nonprofit dedicated to finding adoptable animals loving homes; and the Oregon Food Bank. 

Thanks to the hundreds of CH2M HILL volunteers, celebrants and donors who demonstrated that making a difference in our communities can also be an enjoyable experience truly worth celebrating.

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