Latest published article adds to world reputation for CH2M HILL structural engineer

February 6, 2013 - Congratulations to structural engineer Julio Miranda/SJC for publishing another article on structural engineering technology appearing in the Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics journal.

Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics

This is the latest of more than 20 published articles and technical conference presentations that Julio has made on structural engineering in Nicaragua, Spain, Panama, Japan, and the U.S.

This article continues to refine theory in an area in which Julio has particular expertise; tuned mass dampers (TMDs).

TMDs are spring-loaded weights that are strategically placed in a structure such as a building or bridge. The TMDs are precisely positioned or "tuned" to offset seismic movement or wind and thereby stabilize a structure during an earthquake or high winds. When a structure begins to sway in such extreme conditions, the TMD's counteracting mass moves in a direction opposite of the force.

Refining the tuning of the TMD is what keeps Julio and other leading structural thinkers to keep returning to this topic, testing new theories with complex formulas.

It is a tribute to Julio – and to CH2M HILL – that he is among the world's most respected specialists in seismic-resistant structural design.

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