Electrical engineer publishes article on innovative CH2M HILL site selection tools

February 27, 2013 - Congratulations to senior electrical engineer Debra Vieira/PDX on her data center economic modeling article published in Mission Critical magazine. 
Debra's article "Data Center Site Selection Based on Economic Modeling" discusses CH2M HILL tools developed to help data center owners more wisely choose locations for new data centers. 

At the Lefdal Mine Data Center, mapping allowed planners to take advantage of the site's assets such as a large fjord that is used for cooling.

These include our Opportunity Mapping macro-analysis methodology tool which replaces subjective site selection decision-making with an objective data-driven process, and our Data Center Site Analysis Model, using data-driven methodology to analyze prospective sites and forecast owner costs and returns on investment associated with specific prospective sites.

Her article begins with an explanation of some key reasons why wise site selection and economic forecasting are so important to the data center industry.  A principal reason among those is the industry's growth, especially within the green sector of the data center market.

According to a "Green Data Centers" report by Pike Research, the global market for green data centers is expected to more than double in size in the next four years.  Indicators of this trend are such influential market leaders as Apple, Microsoft, and IBM making large investments in data centers that significantly reduce energy consumption or replace conventional energy sources with renewable energy sources.

The article describes how the Opportunity Mapping tool was used on our green data center development projects for the Niobrara Energy Park in Colorado and the Lefdal Mine Data Center in Norway.

Here's a link  to Debra's Mission Critical article. 

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